Total research, development, and supply from designing to maintaining of battery system for EV and ESS uses

  • Optimized device
  • Heat-proof, water-proof,
    dust-proof, efficient use
  • Self-developed BMS
  • Cell management, SOC, SOH, Avoidance of noise
  • Reliability test
  • Fall, Water-proof, Overcharge/discharge, Short, Heart exposure, Combustion
  • Various spplications
  • EV, ESS, Railway
    • Specialist and high-tech equipment
    • Official safety test
    • The first passed high-capacity battery for safety testing


  • Battery for mini-EV
  • Battery for wireless charging trolley
  • Battery for battery swapping-typed electric bus
  • 740kWh ESS for substation at subway station
  • Battery for RE-EV(Range Extended Electric Vehicle)
  • Battery for Bi-modality Tram
  • Battery for EV truck
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