We make the green world with energy-related technology.

Battery swapping-typed electric bus with no limitation on charging time and unlimited mileagedistance
Energy Storage System raising economic feasibility by energy-efficiency
Electric Vehicle Membership Service for offering charging EV and total service
IT-based Management Platform with energy-efficiency

These are outcomes, which we would proudly introduce, of us, PMGROW who predicts its market and develops technology. We, PMGROW(Power and Management Grow), have constantly developed the technology of the battery & power IT field. And this sustainable technology will have the environment and society to be cleaner and greener.

Core Values of management


To be a leader on the market, who analyzes the market and predicts essential technology
To be a R&D leader, who professionally and constantly develops energy technology
To be a business leader, who expands and creates a new market based on our own technology